This image is from figure studies done in 1985 and a painted image created in 2002.

When I first started showing my work a friend was confused and kept calling the images Giclée images which wasn’t true, I was making Giclée prints of my images.  I realized it might be clearer if I had a name for the style of image I was making at that time.  So I coined the term Fusionnée Image® to describe a style of image created by blending or fusing a photographic image with a painted image to produce a fused reality of image. Fusionnée (pronounced “fusion-ay”) in French means fused.

Simply put Fusionnée Image® is a style of image making and Giclée is a printing method.

Giclée is a term used to describe fine art prints produced by inkjet printing technology, much the way the term serigraph is used to describe a fine art image printed by silkscreen printing technology. Giclée (pronounced “zhee-clay”) in French means sprayed or squirted. Some call these prints by various names such as “original digital prints,” “inkjet prints,” “pigment prints,” “pigment dispersion on canvas” and “archival ink-jet on paper”. I’m sure the list of names will continue to grow as artists try to define what they do in a way that works for them.

I like to use the word Giclée because, among other reasons, it rhymes with the word Fusionnée.

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  1. Karen says:

    INSIDE I love this image. I feel it glows with kind tones, textures give it a certain past and the mood is relaxed and contemplative. Fine work Mr. Ed Bock.

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