Artist statement

I have been exploring the shapes and tonal separations of photographic images for 30 years. In 1972 I began to experiment with high contrast, posterized, solarized, multiple exposure and sandwiched images. I also hand painted negative images on glass and printed them onto photographic papers.

In 1978 I expanded my interest to include capturing, in images, the concept of human energetic systems: the way we move and occupy a space larger than our stationary form. I worked with models and dancers in motion, photographing them at slow shutter speeds to capture the flow and shape of their movement in a still photograph. I then enlarged and duplicated the transparencies while increasing their graininess to give them an impressionistic quality.

During the ‘80’s and ‘90’s, continuing my work with figure models, I concentrated on basic form and shape. Many of these photographs were taken with the express idea of using them as elements in further image development. I did this by combining these photographically-derived shapes with painted “background” images using film masking and camera stand multiple exposures.

Later, computer technology allowed me to achieve similar results with much greater finesse. In 2002 I renewed my interest in marrying photographic shapes and forms with painted colors, forms and textures to produce a blended reality of image. I use the term fusionnée to describe this style of image.

In exploring new perceptions of shapes in general and the human form in particular, I use bright strong colors, original hand-made patterns and textures. I love the process of discovering and creating never-before-imagined images and the unique emotional responses they invoke.