Intro & definitions

Fusionnée is a style of image
It is a term coined to describe a style of image created by merging, marrying, blending, combining, commingling or fusing a photographic image with a painted image to produce a fused reality of image. Fusionnée (pronounced “fusion-ay”) in French means fused.

Fusionnée images can be made in the digital realm as well as by photomechanical methods. I produced many fusionnéeimages in 1990 using copy camera multi-exposure methods and kodalith film tonal separations. Now, with computer technology and software, I create fusionnée images with greater finesse and control.

Fusionnée Image® is a registered Trademark.

Giclée is a printing method
It is a term used to describe fine art prints produced by inkjet printing technology, much the way the term serigraph is used to describe a fine art image printed by silk screen printing technology. Giclée (pronounced “zhee-clay”) in French means sprayed or squirted. Some call these prints by various names such as “original digital prints,” “inkjet prints,” “pigment prints,” “pigment dispersion on canvas” and “archival ink-jet on paper”. I’m sure the list of names will continue to grow as artists try to define what they do in a way that works for them.

I like to use the word giclée because, among other reasons, it rhymes with the word fusionnée.