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My friend, Ronn Lehmann, an excellent writer, stopped by the Art Attack be supportive and enjoy the event.  It is always fun to see yourself through someone else’s view.  I repost here what he wrote in his Blog,  You can also check out his web site

Thank you for the kind words and observation Mr Lehmann.

Performing With Passion

In The Encore Effect, author Mark Sanborn suggests that everything in life is a performance, and our challenge is to be remarkable so that we will be invited back for an encore. Sanborn suggests that extraordinary results come from 5 factors: Passion, Preparation, Practice, Performance and Polish.

This past weekend I attended an art show at the invitation of my friend Ed Bock. I’m not generally known as Mr. Art, but I really enjoyed it. Over 200 artists were displaying their works: painting, sculpture, photography, jewelry and lots of other  things as well. It was a dazzling display.

Ed was showing his latest works in acrylic (check them out at, and as interesting as the works were themselves, what I really enjoyed was how he described his process for creation of each piece. You could fill a thimble with my art knowledge, but it was fascinating to hear Ed talk about his inspirations, how he discovered what works and what doesn’t, and how he is constantly learning.

Wandering around the exhibits and talking to the artists, I was struck that—like Ed—each one exhibited the factors that Sanborn describes. They prepared, they practiced, they performed and they polished their art. But most of all, they all had a passion for what they were doing.

Whenever you talk to someone who is doing what they love,  you hear that passion. It’s unmistakable. The converse is also true: when you talk to someone who is just doing a job, it’s the passion that is most noticeable in its absence.

Sanborn states that passion is the fuel for a remarkable performance. It is the desire to excel at what you’re doing. It’s the burning inside of you to learn more, do more, and do it well. With that definition, passion is within everyone’s grasp. It’s a matter of choosing it.

The artists had passion because they were doing something they loved. We can all choose to love what we’re doing, and be passionate about how we do it.

Today’s Fact-Cetera

Winston Churchill once designed greeting cards for Hallmark.

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Dreaming of flight
Ed Painting
“Dreaming of Flight” 2010