Making an Acrylic Skin

Making a fiber paste acrylic skin using digital ground

acrylic skin fiber paste digital ground

I am learning to make digital skins using acrylic gels.  My friend Bonnie Cutts, an absolutely incredible artist, has been encouraging me to experiment and I am totally stoked about the possibilities.  I am spending part of this Labor Day weekend making skins and printing on them with my Epson printers.  I love the Fiber Paste for the texture and similarity to the torn rough watercolor paper that I like to use.  These acrylic skins can be applied to  canvases as part of  a finished piece.  Usually I would scan the finished watercolor piece to print it larger on canvas but now I can apply my photographic elements directly to a large acrylic work.    As I learn more, I will post working tips and guides to my process.    I’m sure I will be posting new work soon too.

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  1. Noreen Groethe says:

    This is fabulous, Ed – seems like the perfect path for you to be on. Ed and skins – a match made in heaven!!!!!!! Yea! Bonnie for sharing and teaching!

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